Harmony News: Village in riot-hit Muzaffarnagar sets an example for communal harmony

Courtesy: IBN Live


Muzaffarnagar: Amidst the violence in Muzaffarnagar, there are also some stories of hope. A village in Muzaffarnagar has set an example for communal harmony. Mustakim's is the only Muslim family in the Hindu dominated jat colony of Muzaffarnagar. But he isn't afraid for the safety of his wife and six children. In fact, for Mustakim who runs a dairy, it is just work as usual because the entire village has taken onus to ensure his safety, taking shifts to guard his house 24x7.


"We don't want anything wrong to happen here. This is a matter of our village's pride. We will ensure their safety," said a villager. "I am safe here, there is no problem. Relatives keep calling but I told them we are all fine," Mustakim said.


Despite the bloodshed in the city, his family says it's here that they feel at home. As local leaders struggle to bring back order in the area, the jat colony has set an example that hopefully will be followed.





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