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"A Faith Denied: Persecution of the BahŠ'Ūs in Iran"


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"Gita" source to all religious books-Dr. Mohd. Hanif Khan Shastri



One of the envisioned tasks of the GFCH (India) is to create awareness among people regarding civilizational threats, implications of various contemporary developments, possible responses etc through meetings, seminars, publications etc, leveraging GFCH linked organizations.

In his Circular dated June 06, 2008, Chairman of the GFCH Board of Trustees Sh Subhash Chandra had stated that one of the objectives of the Foundation is to build a global society while preserving all civilizational, national, cultural and religious identities.

The strongest pillar of any civilization is its language, or languages in the case of multi-lingual civilizations like India. Unfortunately, linguists have predicted that half of the world's 6,000 languages could disappear within the next two decades. If the current trend continues, up to 90 per cent of the languages will cease to exist over the next century.
Most human knowledge on the planet is contained and codified in languages and passed on through them. Much of this knowledge, remains entirely oral, that is, it has never been written down or recorded. Embedded within these languages and cultures is the understanding of complex ecosystems and scientific data -- codified and gathered over thousands, if not tens of thousands of years.
We stand at a precipice in human history. We are losing huge repositories of human knowledge, experience and unique ways of looking at the world with the demise of every language, every culture, and every elder who holds the key to their language.
This threat looms large across the globe, be it Africa, Russia, Europe, Australia, Asia or India. As Andrew Woodfield of the Centre for Theories of Language in Bristol puts it: "By allowing languages to die out, the human race is destroying things it does not understand."
Though languages spoken by large populations may not face extinction in the immediate future, they are being increasingly marginalised, with globalisation presenting unprecedented threats and challenges.
It is imperative that we preserve for future generations this knowledge that lies embedded within these unique languages. GFCH has a significant role to play in this direction.
The GFCH may thus devote itself to the preservation of indigenous languages either by setting up a special cell or by partnering with any other organisation working in this domain.
Senior journalist, Mr Rahul Dev, has done commendable work in this direction, through the Samyak Foundation, which he heads. GFCH may in association with the Foundation reach out to various civilizations, join forces and work in unison.

Keeping in view the above circular and following detailed discussions on the issue, the GFCH Members at their meeting in New Delhi on July 21, 2008, unanimously resolved to take urgent measures to counter this major and imminent threat to civilizations across the globe.Therefore, GFCH (India) has decided to initiate a CIVILIZATIONAL DIALOGUE ON LANGUAGES. It is heartening that the UN  has declared 2008 as the Year of Languages. There cannot be, therefore,  a more befitting moment for GFCH (India) to launch this dialogue than this. As a first step in this direction, GFCH (India) is planning to organize an INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON LANGUAGE AND CIVILIZATIONS.

The focus of the conference would be a cross-civilization understanding of the roles languages play in preserving, communicating and promoting civilizational values, identities, life styles,  cultures, knowledge systems and unique ways of looking at the world. It would also deliberate upon the significance of placing languages at the center of preserving and promoting civilizational diversity of the world. Besides, the challenges being faced  by nearly all world languages, big or small, in the wake of globalization  as well as ways and strategies of meeting these challenges will be shared and discussed.

The ultimate aim of this initiative will be to create a global platform for joint thinking and action for promoting the linguistic richness and diversity of the world as a tool of promoting civilizational harmony, the prime objective of GFCH. With this view, GFCH will network with and enlist the cooperation of like-minded relevant organizations and individuals across the world for a truly global participation and dialogue at the conference.

GFCH will launch this initiative in association with Samyak Foundation.


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