Objects (Vision/Mission)


All faiths are valid and sacred, that a harmonious relationship between them can be achieved and that a dialogue between and a confluence of civilizations in a global harmony are more desirable goals than a situation of conflict and confrontation.


To build a global civilization mosaic of peace, harmony and mutual enrichment.



* To highlight the contributions of major civilizations.

* To build the global society while preserving all civilization, cultural and religious identities.

* To effectively engage and build moral, intellectual, ideological and political pressures to induce every one to adhere to a non-conflicting and accommodative course.

* To change the notion that there is adversarial relation between modernity and tradition and work to create compatibility between the two.

* To ring about a paradigm shift in thinking from the now prevailing notion of tolerance to that of acceptance of all faiths as to achieve peace and harmony based on an ideal mutual accommodation.

* GFCH perceives a need for a thorough review of the benchmarks used to define the world's self image. It will prepare different civilizations for a global dialogue among themselves and also between them and the others.

GFCH - The Big Picture

A strategic initiative from Indian and other ancient civilizations could be a unique experiment in promoting global harmony pursuing the twin goals of conflict avoidance and conflict resolution. The response strategy could have following guiding ingredients:

* A plan of action to create awareness and commonality of interests among civilizations and to promote strategic thinking among them so as to network and force-multiply the model of non-aggressive approach to civilizations leading to complementarity and solution-driven agenda for global peace, harmony and happiness.

* Highlighting the common dangers and common interests, to forge alliances with other non-proselytizing and non-aggressive civilizations with similar interests.

* Having acquired the legitimacy and the critical mass, to engage leaders of opinion - religious and societal - in a creative dialogue. The object will be to promote flexibility and mutual dialogue. The object will be to promote flexibility and mutual accomodation and co-existence in diversity. The moderates should be supported in their efforts to extriciate the youth, from the stranglehold of fundamentalist and terrorist groups.


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